Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stuart Miller: Bug Disposer

One of the things I like doing most is getting rid of bugs. Today Leah called me into the bathroom sounding very worried: she could see a blurry oval shape (her eyes aren't so good without glasses). Anyway, this is what I found:

That's right, a big ugly huhu beetle cockroach! After wondering what to do, I eventually managed to capture him in a chinese food container (note: this was harder than it sounds. He was very quick, and would go running at the mere sight of the container. Luckily I think the camera flash stunned him so I took a few (bad) photos before I got the container on).

We took him down to the bushes outside our apartment and released him, so it all ended well after all.

For the rest of the pictures, head over to Flickr.

UPDATE: turns out it's not a huhu beetle, it was a cockroach. So, instead of saving a native bug, I saved a pest. Awesome. Thanks Tom.


Tim D said...

Wow, I'm impressed you didn't just kill it. You're a better person than I. That thing is freaky!

Stuart said...

Killing it was certainly on the cards, and if I had known it was a pesky cockroach, I probably would have :(

jklp said...

Holy fuck that's a huge as cockroach.

Didn't think they grew that big in Auckland ...

Anonymous said...

That is a typical Aussie cockroach, probably came over for a driving holiday.